Affirmation Bangles

Affirmation Bangles

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Hammered wide Storyboard silver bangle with affirmations stamped on the outside of the bangle - just a wee reminder of some empowering words to keep us right!

  • “To Thine Own Self Be True “ A Shakespeare quote that prompts us to remain true to ourselves despite what life throws at us. If we are true to our own strengths, personality, whats makes you you - you will always find comfort and happiness within yourself. Be you.

  • “Love you to the Moon & Back” - taken from a lovely children’s story book of the two rabbits who show each other how much they love one another. The love we have for our child is beyond all realms.

  • “Believe in Yourself” - we all need these wonderful words around us as in this difficult and demanding world - we should ALL believe in our abilities, our person and our heart more than we do.

  • This is the wider version of the Storyboard Bangle at 5mm wide by 1.5mm thick making for a lovely chunky bangle - hammered with the signature Holly Silver look.

  • You can have the stamping blackened or left clear

  • A personalised version with your own words is available also - see personalised option.


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