Serenity Necklace

Serenity Necklace


This statement necklace beautifully embodies the heart felt sentiment of Serenity for the wearer.  Each circular pendant has empowering words stamped on it.

  • Circular pendant uses a thicker chunkier 2.5mm square silver and hammered for that light reflecting finish.

  • 2.5cm in diameter

  • Comes on a 1.2mm snake solid silver chain in either 16/18" in length

Stamping ideas:

  • Courage - a meaningful word for someone who embraces life no matter what is thrown at them with these amazing qualities.

  • 'Love Joy Peace' - hand stamped with Love (heart logo) Joy (heart logo) Peace - to symbolise the simple yet most important things we strive for in life

  • 'Strength' - along with a wee heart to give the wearer strength through tough times in life or just to simply remember we are stronger than we feel

  • 'Love' - along with a wee heart to remind the wearer the most powerful thing in the world is free, Love and is it makes the world go round!

  • "Your word" - if there is another word you would like stamped here, like 'Hope', 'Faith' etc just select this option and you will be asked to provide your own word to be stamped.

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